Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday in Suburbia: The Hall Bath Reno Progress

I can not believe we are starting week four in the house!  I really can not believe my office is still a disaster.  Well, at least some other areas are making progress...

The guestroom and hall bath were previously, hmmm, no nice way to say it - horrific!  The guestroom was a workout room for the previous owner and the ceilings had black streaks (why? no clue) and the walls were baby blue.  Since this room was secluded from the other bedrooms, near the hall bath, and had a nice vaulted ceiling I decided to create the guest suite in here.

Here's my color inspiration (loosely):
Design Seeds Teal Doors
Let's review these two rooms before we bought the house:
The Previous Owners Work Out Room
The Little Mermaid Hall Bath
So you say, "Why the little mermaid hall bath?  It's blue, no biggy. Your inspiration includes blue."  Well, did you notice the ceiling is also blue?  And not really the right use of blue nor the right hue.  What about that shell light sconce?

Unfortunately I did not take a picture of the light switch plate before my husband broke it and threw it away.  However, it was a more elaborate version of this one:
All these things are well and good for the right person, in the right home, in the right situation.  None of those apply here, so after taking all the towel bars down, taking the blue cover off the shower curtain rod (yes, more blue) and applying a primer and three coats of paint to the ceiling (luckily only one coat to the walls) we are almost to a happy point.  To be honest, the ceiling needs another coat, but I'm about over it right now.
Almost there...
I have decided to infuse my color via the vanity base cabinets.  Primer will be applied today, and the first coat whenever I finally make a decision on the color.  I was thinking navy with some weathered edges and cute little cottagey-looking hardware.  I'm not a cottage design type person usually, but I realized my whole house can't be gray and contemporary, right?  And what better place to extend past my comfort zone than the bathroom I'll rarely use. :)  Plus the faucets lend themselves to a more casual feel, so I'm going to embrace it!  Navy cabinets with teal towels and accessories will liven this right up!  Hopefully I'll show you that next week along with the guest bedroom.

Oh one last thing - had to show you how these towel bars were mounted.  I mean gee whiz!  Are we swinging from it or what?  Two huge anchors and three screws PER END.  Perhaps it doubled as a bar for pull-ups... after all, it was next to the workout room.  That reminds me...I should do something that resembles a workout...

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