Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday in Suburbia: We Are In!

Moved in that is.  Well, kinda.  I am in shock at how much we managed to cram into our old 1100 square foot apartment.  It's not like things were pilled sky high or a hot mess either - I guess I'm just crazy awesome at organizing! ;)

I have been joking about how with our plethora of extra space I don't know where to begin!  Should the Christmas ornaments go in the basement?  Maybe the garage?  What about the attic - not the attic through the drop down door, the attic in the FROG {front room over the garage}.  If we ever need the attic space at the drop down door we have a serious problem and someone should call Hoarding: Buried Alive.

Of course after I toted the artificial Christmas tree up the stairs and down the hallway into the attic I realized, "this should be in the basement, because the fake tree will go up in the basement while the real tree will go up in the family room."  Oh well.  I think I may be rearranging most my kitchen cabinets, too.  That is what I get for planning ahead and literally drawing out the cabinets and what will go in each; someone should slap me.

So onto pretty things!  Or at least on their way to being pretty things.  The first floor is painted!  I have not repainted the trim yet, but hopefully this weekend.  We are going to add to the crown to beef it up a little - especially in the family room and breakfast room where I have a dark gray wall color {to match Martha Stewart "Flagstone"}.  I sorta wish what I did in the foyer was in the family room, but I'm hoping once I complete the space I'll be happy with the color.  Depending on the light it does go a little green, which I'm okay with.  I would rather be a little green than too cold.  The foyer is actually the Fieldstone again, but I had Home Depot do it at just 50%.  It's my new favorite gray!
It's still a mess in here! But painted - waiting on the back ordered sofa.
Do you enjoy taking off the vents and outlet covers to see remnants of previous colors?  This house has seen quite a colorful past.  Green, yellow, burgundy, gold, and teal {like for real teal} have all filled this home at some point...and I'm pretty sure all at the same time.  I guess I'm just too boring for that!
From green, to flesh toned neutral, to lovely gray
The dining room is where I injected my color.  I started with a tester of Sherwin Williams "Refuge"...then realized I just couldn't do it.  So then I bought a gallon of Sherwin Williams "Interesting Aqua."  Seemed more blue than the muted aqua I hoped first I painted the laundry room with it (random, I know), and then I just started mixing paints together and voila!
I have a slightly grayer version of Tiffany Blue {I think it's about 80% Interesting Aqua and 20% Flagstone at a 50% intensity}.  It took me a couple days of walking by the room to determine that I like it.  If I had not painted the semi-gloss trim color all below the chair rail, I don't think I would like the above color nearly as much.  Eventually we will add some trim work down there, but shock of all shockers...I haven't been able to commit to a design! :)

It still needs LOTS of work: the chandy, the chairs (which will end up in the breakfast room), the oak on the stair rail - I did the vase and orchid just to temporarily make me feel better about the lack of decor...oh, and most importantly...we need to FILL that wine rack up!  I accept donations ;).
Adobe Road Winery Petite Sirah Knights Valley
I did not want to move a bunch of wine, so I drank all but a bottle of red and a bottle of champagne before we moved...not all in one night of course.  We have been saving this red from our 1 year anniversary trip to Sonoma when we stopped into this little wine shop at lunch time.  After tasting five delightful selections I purchased my favorite, and held onto it for special occasion. We had it our first Friday night in the house.  Not because we only drink on Friday, but just because we were so exhausted the first few nights that I did not want to waste it with a meal of hot dogs or grilled cheese.  {It would have been excellent with a steak, but we had lobster ravioli with garlic marinara}.  Pretty sure I'm about to become a wine club member.  Bottoms up!

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