Friday, October 26, 2012

Our Master Suite

While we are not completely done with our master bedroom, this weekend is Master Suite Link Up at Remodelaholic!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday in Suburbia: Enjoying Patio Weather

The past few week of fall weather have been glorious.  This is the time of year in Georgia where outdoor spaces are enjoyable rather than miserably hot.  Last time the weather was pleasant for outdoor dining we were still in our apartment with our tiny courtyard view patio...and our mosaic tile patio table that started to bite the dust only a few short months after purchase.  The husband was ready to dump this table before we moved into the house...not so fast mister...that metal frame is salvageable!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday in Suburbia: Painting our Doors

I knew before we ever found and bought our home that I wanted something other than white trim + white doors throughout our house. I just was not sure what it was I wanted.

Did I want to keep the trim + panels white, but paint the stiles and rails? Or white trim + colored doors? Or colored trim + white doors? Or walls + trim + doors all the same color?
{See end of post for sources}
Or about a bajillion other options.  Seriously.  A bajillion.  And then, what about the color?  So I waited...and waited...I then I realized what I knew all along. I heart black. Forever and always. White trim + black doors it shall be. Thank you Grayson Manor via Revenge for reminding me.
Hooked on Houses
I almost did not move forward this way because it seems like EVERYONE is doing this. However, I still love it, so I bought a gallon of black paint {satin finish} and began the long, long, long process of prepping, sanding, priming and painting a freaking lot of doors. But, I couldn't just stop there. Thanks to a little inspiration from Martha Stewart {via my former co-worker, Kristin and her lovely blog the Hunted Interior.}
I am a hint hesitant to do all the doors, but I'm doing a test run in my office. I have the teal for guestroom no. 1 and green for guestroom no. 2, and nearly ready to pull the trigger. I do quite adore it here in my office. {Really, could one ever go wrong with red + black?}

Black Door with Red Accent
Black Door with Red Accent - Office
I also spray painted the door knobs which were 100% shiny brass - think 1990.  Long term I will buy new...long term I will buy new doors, too.  Both the door and the knobs have been beat to death; if we did not already know the previous owners had six kids than the condition of items like doors, door knobs and cabinets made it ever clear.  Good grief; I did not even know you could dent a door knob!
Door Knob in Rustoleum Carbon Mist
How do you like that blurred background?  It is guestroom number 2.  Expect more on that in November!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Faithful Fridays

I missed out last Friday on my Faithful Friday's post {first Friday of the month}, but my day job opened a new design studio in Atlanta last week and therefore I was preoccupied!  No worries - I still had time for a project, so come back Sunday to see our *new* interior doors and for a sneak peak of my home office!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sweet Spot: Mint Chocolate Ice Cream

Mint Chocolate Ice Cream

It has been WAY to long since a food post!  I made this tasty treat earlier this summer when my cousin and her husband visited for a week.  We enjoyed this scrumptious dessert while playing Bohnanza; it is always amazing when I can convince my husband to play games with me.  I was raised in a hardcore game playing family, but apparently one tiny incident of me throwing Sequence cards in his face early on in our relationship has made him hesitant to play with me again.  Whatev.