Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday in Suburbia: Painting our Doors

I knew before we ever found and bought our home that I wanted something other than white trim + white doors throughout our house. I just was not sure what it was I wanted.

Did I want to keep the trim + panels white, but paint the stiles and rails? Or white trim + colored doors? Or colored trim + white doors? Or walls + trim + doors all the same color?
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Or about a bajillion other options.  Seriously.  A bajillion.  And then, what about the color?  So I waited...and waited...I then I realized what I knew all along. I heart black. Forever and always. White trim + black doors it shall be. Thank you Grayson Manor via Revenge for reminding me.
Hooked on Houses
I almost did not move forward this way because it seems like EVERYONE is doing this. However, I still love it, so I bought a gallon of black paint {satin finish} and began the long, long, long process of prepping, sanding, priming and painting a freaking lot of doors. But, I couldn't just stop there. Thanks to a little inspiration from Martha Stewart {via my former co-worker, Kristin and her lovely blog the Hunted Interior.}
I am a hint hesitant to do all the doors, but I'm doing a test run in my office. I have the teal for guestroom no. 1 and green for guestroom no. 2, and nearly ready to pull the trigger. I do quite adore it here in my office. {Really, could one ever go wrong with red + black?}

Black Door with Red Accent
Black Door with Red Accent - Office
I also spray painted the door knobs which were 100% shiny brass - think 1990.  Long term I will buy new...long term I will buy new doors, too.  Both the door and the knobs have been beat to death; if we did not already know the previous owners had six kids than the condition of items like doors, door knobs and cabinets made it ever clear.  Good grief; I did not even know you could dent a door knob!
Door Knob in Rustoleum Carbon Mist
How do you like that blurred background?  It is guestroom number 2.  Expect more on that in November!


  1. I love little extra touches like this in a room. Looks great!

  2. denting doorknobs? Montana likes to lock herself in bedrooms and then chews on the knob trying to get out... Talk about dents... :)

    Love the red and black!

  3. I LOVE the unexpected pops of color! I’d love it if you would link up this post with us at the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week!

    I hope to see you there!
    The Chicken Chick

  4. Personally I prefer white doors (I grew up in a house with icky brown wood doors, so I guess I have to make up for it!), but I love the way you included them in your home. The red (or hot pink?) insides look cool!