Friday, October 26, 2012

Our Master Suite

While we are not completely done with our master bedroom, this weekend is Master Suite Link Up at Remodelaholic!

This morning I decided that the half day I took off from work to clean and prep for a party tomorrow, would include making that small purple ombre pillow on the bed.  I have been procrastinating on this pillow since I had the brilliant idea two months ago.

You know those moments when you realize you are totally in over your head?  Yesterday the boss and I realized we {meaning me} need to wrap up the drawings on one of our projects.  As I began detailing millwork for the buffet and bar I asked "who is our kitchen consultant?"  Hahahaha...apparently I am!  Let's forget than I am "just" an interior designer; how about that I have never worked in a restaurant.  {We can just add it to the list of other things I have done that I am completely unqualified to do alongside egress calculations, corbeling details, parapet details, roof plans...} So while I felt the urge to do more things I'm unqualified for I decided to do this pillow.  Three hours later I had a not-so-fabulous pillow.  See, I'm a beginner and very mediocre sewer.  My mother spent time attempting to teach me how to sew fancier things, but I loose patience quickly.  Other than a straight line...check that, almost straight line...there is not much I can sew.

{My Side of the Bed}
{His Side of the Bed}

However, that did not stop me from sewing the nearly...not really...straight seams for the drapery panels, Euro pillows, lumbar pillows, bed throw, and pathetic excuse for a pintuck ombre pillow.  Which by the way I had planned on two for the full ombre effect.  Hey - I tried.  Those Euro's even have zippers.  Oh yes, I'm advancing.  Gold star?  Well, maybe silver.

Under $500 Budget Breakdown {because clearly I'm all about "value engineered" design}:
  • Paint: Valspar to match Sherwin Williams Mysterious Shade $25 {quite frankly, wish it was a little more "mysterious" - more purple than I planned}
  • Bedding & Bed Frame: West Elm was purchased in 2010 shortly after our wedding
  • Headboard: West Elm, Christmas 2010 Present from my Mom {now that we raised our bed by adding the Sleep # Foundation, it's a little short - but I have an idea for that!}
  • Fabric: Premier Prints Ikat, Royal Suzani, and Lulu Stripe {reverse of Euros} bought when on sale from - about $72 total
  • Nightstand Lamps: Target $20 each; Shades, Ikea $9 each
  • Nightstands: $89 each {see here for details}
  • Bed Throw: Boucle Suiting fabric from Joanne's on sale $12 plus $5 for the lining
  • Purple "leather" Frames on Nightstands: Target sale $6 each
  • Dresser {temporary - to be moved to another room when we get what we want}, Ikea when they had their Hemnes Sale, $119
  • Art & Other Accessories: either by me or free
  • We will be adding 1x6 MDF as crown and drapery valance, about $25

{The Other Side of the Euro Shams}


  1. Pretty! And I love grey. I'm also thinking about a RAST hack for my walk-in (just built it this summer, German houses usually don't have one), so I really appreciate the inspiration!

    Btw, I'm your newest follower.

    Anja @

    1. Thanks Anja! Glad to provide you inspiration - especially from half way across the world. Your basement bar has given me a few ideas of my own :) Rope lighting is so fabulous.

  2. Oh wow, Renee! It's gorgeous! I'd never get out of bed! lol! I'm going to include a link back in tomorrow's highlights. Thank you so much for sharing your peaceful, beautiful master bedroom. :)

  3. Loving the soothing grey and that pop of purple and yellow....fabulous as always!

    1. Thanks LP! Look forward to you unveiling whatever your "next thing" is...hope it's not too far away.