Friday, November 2, 2012

Faithful Fridays

November!? How did you get here so fast?  That means we are just a few short weeks away from our first year of Christmas decorations in the new house! We may have already been eyeing those Christmas aisles at Home Depot and Target...and we may be starting the purchasing this weekend. I mean...what if they run out of the net lights for our shrubs and the icicle lights for the roof line? I would be devastated to say the least.

November also means our zombie friend from the front yard has been packed away for next year.  So {not} sad.

A new month means another first Friday of the month, and I'm going to toot my own horn. That New Year resolution from January?  I'm still on target. At least I am on one of them; however, it was the most important, so double {toot toot} for me.

The resolution was to follow one of these reading plans {here}, and I was going to be lazy and do the 5x5x5 plan, but the hubs chose the 52 week plan - read the entire Bible in one year.  I begrudgingly decided to do the same one.  Seriously?  I failed on the three year plan on week two, so cramming it into one year seems unlikely.  I honestly was prepared to be over it by February 1.
We always hear having an accountability partner is the key to success.  This is clearly my personal proof to that.  It's not like we read together, or say "did you read today?"  We don't have to.  Either we see each other reading in the morning or we don't.  For both of us, it only takes a couple days of not reading and seeing the only one doing it to get back on track.  I would highly recommend the same reading plan to any of you who are interested.  It breaks the Bible up into genres and each day you do a different genre; that way you do not spend two or three weeks in Leviticus or Deuteronomy going "THIS IS HORRIBLE I CAN'T CONTINUE." {No...I never said that...I mumbled it as I was hitting my head against the table.}

So the question is -- are you still committed to any of your New Year Resolutions?

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