Sunday, November 18, 2012

Outdoor Christmas Decor

The hope was to show you our new coffee table...but I have spent too much time watching football this weekend, and not enough time constructing!  It was glorious to watch Kansas State and Oregon loose Saturday night, but the hubbs is going to be livid if 'bama wins another National Championship. {He's just angry it took this long for his coach to be fired.}  It may take a miracle, but I am hoping for Georgia to pull this thing out.  We haven't had a championship in my lifetime - I"M READY!

We have slowly started preparations for our first Christmas in our house!  The mailbox is decked out with a battery operated lighted garland, I have painted and glitter "dipped" the letters NOEL for the mantle, and made one cluster of ornaments to suspend from one side of the mantle.  {I'll wait until after Thanksgiving to finish up the mantle for a photo.}

I could easily spend about $1000 on all the different elements I want for decor this holiday season, but I know if I wait until after Christmas I can load up on more for half the price.  So, there is a strategic plan in place here! My dream is garland around all the handrails of the staircase {inside stairs and the back deck}, wreaths on every front facing window, icicle lights from the eaves, snowflake lights at the covered entry, net lights on all our shrubs, big ornaments hanging on our dwarf Japanese Maple, and so much more!

I guess I am a little Christmas crazy.  Perhaps it is because my birthday is the 23rd, maybe it is because it is something I did a lot with my Dad before he passed, or it could just be because it is awesome and you are lame if you don't love it.  {Hehe.}

These lighted spheres come in 6" for $39, 8" for $55, and 10" for $85.  I think one of each size suspended as a grouping from the corner of our front entry overhang would be ah-mazing.  However, even at half off after Christmas, I'm not sure I feel great about spending that much.  Maybe that would be too much glow in one spot anyway?

I like all the lighted path lights as well.  The candy canes and lollipops could be great for houses with children, but these little trees or twigs are a little more my style.  I just wish the little swirly trees did not have the star on top.  {Not that I don't like the Biblical reference to the North Star, but it's just a little much on all four trees.}

18" Spiral Tree Pathway Lights
There are even a few items I think may could solve a few of our landscape lighting problems throughout the year.  I would love some pathway lighting in the backyard, but the sunlight is spotty depending on the time of year, so solar lights are not an option.  These two options have super long cords and are simply plug into a regular outlet; going all-out with hardwired low voltage lighting is not in our landscaping budget anytime soon.

I'll wait to share all the wondrous indoor discoveries some other day!  Hope your Thanksgiving week is full of delightful family moments.


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