Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday in Suburbia: Nailhead & Marble Ikea Rast Hack

I finally hunted down more trim at a different JoAnn's location which had plenty to spare.  At this point I would have been better off just purchasing from Overstock, but oh well.  At least they are completed!  And they are fabulous! {Well, I think they are pretty fabulous.}

Nailhead & Marble Ikea Rast Hack

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Halloween Decor: Love it or Hate it?

As the first holiday season in our new house approaches, I have been searching and collecting ideas for holiday decor.  I've noticed it's freaking impossible to find non-cutesy decor for most holidays.  Christmas is easily do-able {I'll finally have room for all this stuff I've been collecting!  Those shopoholic college years may pay off after all.}  Thanksgiving a little more difficult, but I think achievable.  Halloween is my current annoyance.  Unless I'm willing to shell out a bloody fortune {pun intended} than I'm going to have to DIY nearly everything.   For a season that is not at the top of my favorites list it would be nice to find a quick and cheap prefabricated solution, but here are the only things I've found that do not make me roll my eyes or throw-up a little.  I also discovered a few sparkly pumpkins at HomeGoods that improved my outlook a wee bit, but I've got a long way to go.  I'm thinking the table runner and the wreath from Potterybarn are next on the DIY list...but its already time to put these things out!  Maybe next year.

PB: Lit Twig Giant Spider {sold out}

PB: Spooky Aspen Wreath

PB: Spooky Burlap Table Runner
PB: Skeleton Hand Drink Dispenser

Z Gallerie: Metallic Skeleton hand

Kirklands: Black Feather Wreath

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday in Suburbia: Chevron Inspired Console Table

Two weeks have passed, and I've busted some serious butt around here.  Console table, nightstands, euro shams, lumbar pillows, primed guestroom, three and a half painted interior doors, planted a couple gardenias with liriope muscari (hopefully its the big blue version...) to replace those sad terracotta pots, and made another batch of homemade laundry detergent.  Finally I feel like things are coming together around here.

Now onto the console table reveal - mini drum roll please..........

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday in Suburbia: Projects on a Whim

As much as I would love to have completed nightstands I do not.  Apparently JoAnn's needs a better supply chain analyst because of the five times I have been there in the past three weeks there has only been one roll (which I purchased and used) of the nickel finish nailhead trim.  Sure I could just spend a thousand years individually hammering in each nailhead, but there are other ways I plan to torture myself.

Like when we returned home from church today, and I on a whim thought "time to repaint the patio door"  - with its 15 freaking panels of glass.  Oh, and lets paint both sides.  Possibly my least favorite project thus far.  I still need to do a second coat and then a little bit of cleanup on the glass - it's not slopped all over it like some people do, but there are a few mistakes.  Especially on the inside which was done second - when lunch started to wear off and I began to lose my steady hand.  Told you I had plans to torture myself.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday in Suburbia: Little by Little

Well I suppose it has been a while...

I have been swamped at my day job, but I also have been busy starting and partially completing 78 different projects.  Maybe not 78, more like 7 to 8.  I have determined there is a really good chance I have adult ADD.  No joke, folks.  I once had no problem focusing and knocking out a project, but not so anymore.

Example.  Friday when Boone left for the UT game he found my recently ordered fabric had just been delivered.  While I was annoyed that the 48 hours to ship an order promise turned into 96 hours, all frustration subsided when I began unrolling my 9 yards of master bedroom drapery fabric.  I previously settled on some prefabricated panels from Ikea thinking I would never be satisfied with any fabric at a reasonable price point.  First I fell in love with Schumacher's Bellows.  Which depending on where you purchase it will run you between $80-$120 a yard...times the 9 yards I need...NOT HAPPENING.  So then I fell in love with a much more reasonably priced fabric from a local store for $33 a yard.  However, I still was not feeling the $300 alone for drapery fabric.

I have had a crush on Premier Prints Chipper Storm for a while, and decided I could be happy with that.  And now the Ikea curtains are now in my office.  Now for some fun pillows.  Also from Premier Prints, I chose Lulu Twill in Storm/Yellow.  I am actually not doing the ever popular gray and yellow theme; I'm doing the color scheme I've had in my room for over 5 years - gray, black, various shades of purple, and a forever alternating accent color.  First the accent was green, then magenta, now it's going to be yellow.  There is a fairly good chance this color concept will continue for many years to come.  Hey, I love purple.  {FYI: so does John Portman, so I'm in good company.}