Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday in Suburbia: Little by Little

Well I suppose it has been a while...

I have been swamped at my day job, but I also have been busy starting and partially completing 78 different projects.  Maybe not 78, more like 7 to 8.  I have determined there is a really good chance I have adult ADD.  No joke, folks.  I once had no problem focusing and knocking out a project, but not so anymore.

Example.  Friday when Boone left for the UT game he found my recently ordered fabric had just been delivered.  While I was annoyed that the 48 hours to ship an order promise turned into 96 hours, all frustration subsided when I began unrolling my 9 yards of master bedroom drapery fabric.  I previously settled on some prefabricated panels from Ikea thinking I would never be satisfied with any fabric at a reasonable price point.  First I fell in love with Schumacher's Bellows.  Which depending on where you purchase it will run you between $80-$120 a yard...times the 9 yards I need...NOT HAPPENING.  So then I fell in love with a much more reasonably priced fabric from a local store for $33 a yard.  However, I still was not feeling the $300 alone for drapery fabric.

I have had a crush on Premier Prints Chipper Storm for a while, and decided I could be happy with that.  And now the Ikea curtains are now in my office.  Now for some fun pillows.  Also from Premier Prints, I chose Lulu Twill in Storm/Yellow.  I am actually not doing the ever popular gray and yellow theme; I'm doing the color scheme I've had in my room for over 5 years - gray, black, various shades of purple, and a forever alternating accent color.  First the accent was green, then magenta, now it's going to be yellow.  There is a fairly good chance this color concept will continue for many years to come.  Hey, I love purple.  {FYI: so does John Portman, so I'm in good company.}

Opps, I was going to give an example on being I received the fabric and went to measure it off and cut the three panels.  Ready to cut I realized, I don't have pinking scissors...I always used I left to go to JoAnn's for the scissors as well as the nailhead trim they were out of last time I was there.  Upon returning and ready to cut, I unpack the bag in the master bedroom and see the nailhead trim...30 minutes later I still had not made a cut, but finished adding the trim to the nightstands...until I ran out...this design may take a couple more packets.

While it's been how long - three weeks since my last post?  I have been knocking out projects...partially...all over the place!  The most exciting part of the nightstand is not even complete yet - maybe I can surprise you with that next week.  {Let's just say I took some loose inspiration from Bernhardt}. I have a feeling I'll be more likely to finish that in the next week than my family room console table -

View From Foyer

Even at half {or technically less than half} way complete, this table is already perking up my family room and is definitely providing the desperately needed focal element when guests first enter the house.  The exciting part is the plan I have for the inset table top.  If it turns out according to plan let me just say SWOON!  Cross your fingers that I am not in over my head with my wood working skills.

Hey - did you notice that crown molding is twice as thick as when we moved in?  Yup...did that too!  Now who wants to donate the beadboard panels for the ceiling?


  1. Love the color scheme, the blog and the Kalisher art at the console :) Nice work!

    1. Thanks Helen Melon - opps stole HHS' nickname. Always love free art :)

  2. Love your blog and your home!!! I'm your newest fan!!

    1. Thanks so much Sherika. Hope I can keep you inspired with my {usually} affordable style!