Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Halloween Decor: Love it or Hate it?

As the first holiday season in our new house approaches, I have been searching and collecting ideas for holiday decor.  I've noticed it's freaking impossible to find non-cutesy decor for most holidays.  Christmas is easily do-able {I'll finally have room for all this stuff I've been collecting!  Those shopoholic college years may pay off after all.}  Thanksgiving a little more difficult, but I think achievable.  Halloween is my current annoyance.  Unless I'm willing to shell out a bloody fortune {pun intended} than I'm going to have to DIY nearly everything.   For a season that is not at the top of my favorites list it would be nice to find a quick and cheap prefabricated solution, but here are the only things I've found that do not make me roll my eyes or throw-up a little.  I also discovered a few sparkly pumpkins at HomeGoods that improved my outlook a wee bit, but I've got a long way to go.  I'm thinking the table runner and the wreath from Potterybarn are next on the DIY list...but its already time to put these things out!  Maybe next year.

PB: Lit Twig Giant Spider {sold out}

PB: Spooky Aspen Wreath

PB: Spooky Burlap Table Runner
PB: Skeleton Hand Drink Dispenser

Z Gallerie: Metallic Skeleton hand

Kirklands: Black Feather Wreath

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