Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday in Suburbia: Our Guestroom Suite

Two weeks ago I planned on unveiling our new hall bath.  Four days ago I decided that while we may wait to replace that shell sconce {sad face}, I needed to do something about that 6'-6" long plate glass mirror.  So...I'll show you the hall bath next week! I am super excited about my light bulb moment for the mirror wall, and I think it will make a tremendous impact for only $16!!!!  But for now -
Navy+Teal+Gold Guestroom

Shall we review?

Previous Owner's Workout Room
Before we bought the house this room was the workout room.  As you can tell from the photo on the right, even the ceiling looked dirty - see those black streaks?  Eeek!  They also had a built in shelf {left photo} for weights and another shelf {right photo} for an old school tube TV.  These shelves were beyond anchored into the wall, so it was quite the patch job to cover up the 6 dime sized holes from each shelf.  {Wish I took a photo of that!}

While this room was in the WORST condition of all the other rooms, it made the most sense for the guestroom.  It is at the end of our long upstairs hallway, separated from the rest of the bedrooms, and right next to the hall bath.  The vaulted ceiling also provides a great volume of space.  There are about 12 other reasons that went through my head as to why this should be the guestroom, but I'm sure that would bore most people.

As I shared last week, my loose inspiration from this room and the hall bath came from a color palette on Design Seeds.
Design Seeds Teal Doors
While I first considered painting the room navy...I chickened out.  I went with a very safe color from several hotels I have renovated, Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige.  I pulled in the navy with a little help from West Elm using the striped sheets I have had a crush on for a while.  Of course they are on SALE  now, punks.  I also went with the large striped standard shams, but I wanted to switch it up for the top of the bed.  First I thought about just reusing my simple white down comforter...but he looked a little dingy...thanks Jackson for chewing your foot on the bed when it was the dog room.  Then walking through Target, looking for that texture striped teal pillow, I passed by a simple, cheap and colorful option - a teal microfleece blanket.  Holla $16.99 pop-o-color!  {Did I not mention this project had an itty bitty budget?}

The goal was to stay under $200 for this project.  I'm a few bucks under, but I really want a couple more pillows...maybe later...

Do you love my little owl?  For $2.50 at the Target dollar aisle I pretty much adore it, too!
There were technically two options for bed placement - below the window or over on this wall - the long wall.  However, I'm not a fan of beds below windows, especially if the headboard blocks part of the window and a big ESPECIALLY if the window is in view from the street.  This left me with the "long" wall and a nightstand in front of the attic door.  In the middle of painting the room I decided to paint the door and the door knob the same color as the walls on this side, but I liked it so much I did it on the other side, too!

Tip for painting shiny metal objects like brass door knobs:

I really wanted to paint the nightstand TEAL LACQUER, again...I just could not go through with it.  It was my grandmothers, so it is at least 60 years old.  She died in '68, so I never knew her, but I knew my mother would be displeased with me painting it...

The Breakdown:
  • Window panels are Ikea Lenda that I already owned, but I painted the navy stripe at the bottom...If you want to know the right way to do that look here: PBJ Stories.  I just used left over latex paint from the bathroom cabinets...long term I will cut the bottom off and sew a patterned fabric, but I have not found the right fabric, yet.
  • Lamp was Target about 7 years ago, refinished with RustOleum Metallic Gold
  • Teal Pillow $14.99
  • Teal Micofleece Blanket from Target $16.99
  • Striped Sheets  from West Elm $79 {all West Elm bedding currently 20% off}
  • Bold Stripe Shams from West Elm $19 each {however, I later discovered the shams + duvet at Target for the same price as just these Shams}
  • 12x24 blank canvas was during a BOGO from Michaels...I think $5
  • Other boring bedding essentials $40
  • Bed and dresser were from my bedroom suite growing up {since 2nd grade}
  • Ottoman was free {every now and again my day job has a perk or two}
So that is it!  The first completed project {but is a project ever really complete?}.  Would you like a sneak peak of the hall bath?  Thought so!

FYI: It took everything inside of me to not say my little owl from Target is a "hoot!"  Ahh!  I'm such a nerd.

Have a fantastic week!


  1. I love the color palette and how thrifty you were! Beautiful outcome!

    1. Thanks; that means a lot coming from someone as stylish as you!!

  2. You have a talent for this..have you thought about doing it for a living? ;-p

    1. Haha...I'm so used to doing the architectural side of it that I'm kinda struggling on this "fluffy" decorator part!

  3. Love the drapes! I am thinking white for my guestroom as well and then maybe yellow trim on the inside edge....afixed with glue of course.
    I love the painted bottoms though! Anything that will not make me have to sew is a winner in my book :)

    1. I know right!? I was about to buy fabric to sew the stripe when I discovered the painting idea and yelled "doing it!" at my computer.