Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday in Suburbia: We have been Delayed

I really wanted to update the progress on the guestroom and hall bath, but we had a small set back around lunch time on Saturday.  There was a small little portion of the stairwell that had not been painted because we did not have a tall enough ladder, but last week we purchase one of those telescoping multi-position ladders so we could finally give the basic step ladder we were borrowing back to my mother.  After two successful position changes, we were setting up for the last tiny bit I could not safely reach in the previous positions.  It is on the actual stairs so one side of the ladder is up a few steps from the lower side.  We went to release the latch to pull the lower side down and the ladder just flew downwards, catching my wrist between two rungs.  Luckily nothing is broken, but I have one more day before I'm allowed to bend my wrist :(.

I've still attempted to work on the finishing touches, but it has been slow going.  Maybe next weekend...

But since I have to post a picture of about this?

"Is that a teal spray painted chandelier?" you ask.  Why yes, yes it is.  However it's not going in the dining room - that one I spray painted white.  This is going to have another less conventional use, but I'll keep you hanging on that.  (Get it...hanging...harhar...)  OK, I must be delusional from the pain medicine or exhausted from the puppy farm we have this week.  I have my mom's three schnauzers while she is visiting my sister in Colorado.

Schnauzer Palooza 2012!

From top Left: Spike, Chloe, Georgia, Dooley
(Chloe is mine, Spike is Chloe's estranged husband, and Georgia is their daughter.)

Jackson is apparently anti-social.  Or he's just waiting on daddy to come home.

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