Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday in Suburbia: DIY Fabric Rosette Wreath

Well there is no update on the home search, so I decided to try my hand at a DIY decorator project.  Personally, it was a little too time consuming for a "Hallmark holiday" wreath, but at least I'm not as upset at how poorly it turned out since it's not a real holiday.  Hopefully the wreath I do for Easter will be less embarrassing...

So I started by using foam spheres to form a heart...the Michael's I went to didn't have a precreated foam or wood heart, so I figured I'd just make my own.  I did each side of the heart separately to help maintain symmetry and then did the center last.  I initially just used toothpicks to hold it together, and waited to add the hot glue once I was satisfied with the shape...or just gave up on being satisfied with the shape.

I had set out to use paper to create rosettes as I saw on Pinterest.  I could only do about 8 at a time because the cutting is just not arthritis friendly.  (Yes, at age 29 I have arthritis.)  

So I switched to doing fabric roses which were much easier and less time consuming.  I used a 36x36 felt piece sold for $3.99 at my local Michael's to create 18", 12" and 9" strips about 1" in width and followed this tutorial: Craftaholics Anonymous I did smaller pieces since I used felt which is thicker than most craft fabrics.

Then after I completed the wreath I thought, "hey, glitter makes everything  more awesomer."  No, no it doesn't.  Wreath definitely looked better preglitter, but whatev - it's a Valentine's day wreath.  (Sorry the photo stinks - the lighting at my door is wretched.)

Fabric Rosette Wreath

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