Friday, January 27, 2012

Faithful Fridays: Truth

The other morning I was watching the Today show, and the segment about Demi Moore's breakdown was airing.  I was thinking, "surely I heard that wrong."  They mentioned something about her stating she felt unworthy of love because she felt something was wrong with her.  I don't think it was in reference to a recent statement she made, but rather something she used to feel.  The reality is that so many people feel similar emotions; however, our emotions can, and will, lie to us.  So much of society is telling us to go by our "gut feeling."  We have to be aware of the difference between a "feeling" and a nudging from the Holy Spirit.  They are two different things, and one will lead you astray, but the Spirit will only lead you towards God.

Everyone wants to feel accepted, secure and significant, yet our emotions can get in the way of this.  These untrue emotions are often rooted in things we believe (consciously or subconsciously) about ourselves, but they are not necessarily true.  They tell us things like "you are unworthy of love" or "you have to be perfect to be loved" and so many other untrue statements. If you are a Christian, than you are accepted, you are secure and you are significant.  Here are some printables to remind you:

I am Significant
I am Secure
I am Acceped

If you are struggling with these false beliefs please contact your local church for help.  Find more resources or to find counselors in the Atlanta area visit Grace Ministries International

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