Friday, September 6, 2013

Making a Come Back

So...been a while.

Life has been pretty busy, and I am not so sure if the blogging thing is really for me.  At least not in the capacity in which I began.    Sure DIY projects can be entertaining to post about, but it is not a subject which I can write solely.  However, I think I will give this another go around as life around this place is changing. 

Initially my departure was a result of long hours at work.  This little venture of creating a "real" design arm within an already successful purchasing company seems to actually be working.  Luckily three more people have been added to our now team of six which is helping greatly with reducing the long hours.  And to think, less than two years ago it was just me and my boss!  It is a good thing we expanded when we did...

The husband and I took an early anniversary trip to the Biltmore the first weekend in April.  We had just started talking about trying to start a family maybe sometime in May.  The night we returned from that weekend in North Carolina, I had a strange thought pop into my head, hey you...before you bust open another bottle of vino go take a pregnancy test. 
At the Biltmore

The instructions said I should do it in the morning, so I held off on opening that bottle of Pinot, and the next morning did what that strange little voice in my head told me to do.  I had done one of these tests before back in November when I first went off birth control and was unsure of this whole basal temperature tracking method of natural birth control.  This time the second line began to appear before I could even cap the thing and turn it over to wait those three grueling minutes.  I quickly flipped her over, and thought, you're seeing things.  Just wait the stupid three minutes.  So I waited...

I was not seeing things.  Two lines.  Holy mackerel.  Two lines.  I just spent the weekend drinking about as much wine as our 1 year anniversary trip to Sonoma.  This little nugget is drowning in alcohol.  Dear Lord...I'm already the worst mother ever and I'm only two weeks in.  This poor kid doesn't stand a chance.  And then I ate a turkey sandwich for lunch...crap, I'm not suppose to eat deli meat!  Ugh.  Epic Failure.

Then, I snapped out of it.  Seriously; women go months without knowing their pregnant.  Not really sure how, but apparently some people are truly disconnected from their bodies.  As far as I know they don't have kids walking around with three eyeballs or a foot for a hand. least I started taking prenatal vitamins when I went off birth control in November.

{Now before there are a zillion comments about if it is or is not okay to drink alcohol, consume deli meat, or why some children are born with abnormalities let me be real clear.  Go post somewhere else.  I do not care what you think; I do not mean to be rude.  I am just being honest.  I will not post your comment, so do not even bother.  I have my own convictions I live by, and for the most part respect what others choose to do for themselves.  This whole guilting and shaming other women into feeling horrible about themselves is out of control.}

Back to fun things!

Over the next several weeks expect to see a transformation of this dingy ugly space into a fabulously modern little boys nursery. 

We have a good bit completed now, but why reveal it all at once?  You can join in on the nearly month long process of updating the ceiling, walls, trim and electrical.  All DIY of course!

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