Saturday, December 22, 2012

Boutique Project Inspiration

It has felt even longer than it has been since my last post.  Work is busy times 10.  So busy that earlier this week I worked 12 hours straight with hardly a moment away from the computer.  As I was explaining the hectic day to my coworkers via email I said, "I had a hot dog bun for for lunch.  Not a hot dog...just the bun.  No time to heat up the hot dog part."  {Literally, that happened.}  Then woke up the next day to do the same thing.  Of course I'm paying for it now with an incredibly sore and stiff neck.

However I did completely redesign an entire guestroom floor that contained 15 different room types.  The architect loved it, so now I'm waiting for the client to tell me how much they love it, too{hehe}.  Cross your fingers for me.

I've really enjoyed collecting imagery and concepts for this little boutique hotel, so I thought I'd take a moment to share some of the bathrooms and guestrooms I have discovered in my search for inspiration.

Colors and Nightstand | Via Houzz
Large Pendants at Nightstands | Lori Gentile Design Studio via Houzz
Sliding Mirror Doors at Bath | St Regis Atlanta
Bed and Drapery | Chateau Elan Inn
Vanity Design and Frameless Mirrors
{Not sure of source, maybe a Waldorf Astoria}
Vanity Design | St. Regis Atlanta
Wet Room Concept (Tub & Shower in One Room) | Pulp Design Studios
Three Vertical Niches at Tub | Miller Greene Design Studio

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  1. The first photo is really stunning! The wall paper and the light turquoise bedding are beautiful.