Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Worst Client Ever {me!}

It's almost moving time.  Amidst my organized packing schedule (and of course color coordinated box labels) I am also focusing on the design of our soon-to-be family room.  Design, in theory, is second nature for me.  My mother has her degree in graphic design and did a lot of decorating on the side when I was growing up.  Her father built furniture and her grandfather was an architect.  My mother always had some project going on while I was young; I lived alongside drop cloths, ladders and paint rollers year round..maybe breathing all those paint fumes as a kid are my problem...anywho.  For the past 5 years I have been designing hotels, yet if you walk into my apartment you would never know!  I love entertaining, but everyone knows what I do for a living and I can't help but know they are quite disappointed when they walk through my door.  Heck, I'm disappointed every time I walk in my door.  What can I say?  The cobbler's children have no shoes...{most designers are not exactly rollin' in the dough}.  Apartment living is just not for me, and I've been living in apartments since freshman year in college.  It has been 11 years of beige walls, beige carpet, beige trim, beige tile, beige countertops.  It has been a beige nightmare!  No wonder I feel so uninspired.  Plus, when you move every year or two it just doesn't seem worth it to exert the effort of designing anything, and it certainly is not worth spending the little money I make on anything that may or may not work in the next place I live.  I am unable to contain the thrill of doing whatever my heart desires...oh, and manages to fit my cheap budget obsessed alter-ego.  

So design development beings.  Or so I thought.  Note that early I stated design "in theory" is second nature...turns out I may be the hardest client I've ever known.  Seriously, nothing is really lighting my fire.  AND to make it worse I may be having an identity crisis.  Am I classic modern?  Industrial chic?  Modern glamour?  Traditional elegance?  I DON'T KNOW!!  I like them all.  Does that make me...I am not sure if I can even say it...eclectic?!?  I think I just gagged a lil' bit.  Not that there is anything wrong with eclectic - it works well in other people's houses - it's just not me! That is probably the last word anyone who knows me would ever use to describe me. Perhaps I'm just having commitment issues.  Or I just have a death grip on the money and trying to find a reason not to spend it.

I know the sofa I want, so I guess that is something.  However I'm a little annoyed about the tufting in the seat cushions.  Stupid crumb collectors.  However, the seat cushions are welt-less which is much more important to me than anything else.  I found a similar sofa through Thrive without the seat tufting, but the welting was a deal breaker.
Crate and Barrel Petrie Sofa
Actually I would take that chair as well if it was not almost as much as the sofa!  Again, Thrive has a similar one for $300 less, so maybe.  Since I want the family room to feel comfortable then I think classic modern with a little industrial edge could be the right design direction.  I'll save the modern glamour meets traditional elegance for the formal living and dining rooms.  {Speaking of the dining room - think I may DIY the above pictured art above for above the dining storage credenza.}


  1. Hi, Renee (my sister's name too!), thanks for stopping by. Your comment caught my eye since you mentioned moving to a new house in Alpharetta, my neck of the woods too. Nice to meet you, your blog looks delightful & I wish you the best with your new/old house adventure too. Lots to do but we will get there!

  2. Thanks so much Rhoda! I'm enjoying watching your renovation unfold, and stashing away some good ideas. Great to meet you, too!

  3. Haha. I totally feel your pain! I have no idea what style I am either and have folded to "eclectic". Can't wait to see what you decide on...and based on the sofa and chair you may be throwing in some mid century modern into the mix as well. Good luck! This is so the hardest part in my opinion cause we know everything that is out there :)

    1. Exactly - we know everything that is out there. And we love the bajillion dollar stuff the most!