Thursday, December 29, 2011

Why, hello there.

Or as my husband would say, y halo thar. Renee here, and I have decided to give the blogging thing a whirl.  Though I have considered the idea for years, I felt hesitant to do it.  What do I have to talk about?  Where will I find the time?  What if no one reads it!  Well, those are probably all valid questions; however, I decided now is better than later.  I heard my sister's voice echoing in my head, "before I had kid's I thought I did not have time to do that I have two kids I realized I had all the time in the world!" 

So that takes care of the time what will I be blogging about?  As an interior designer by profession there will be some of that.  In college I had the nickname Betty Crocker, so I will share cooking adventures, too.  My husband and I have embarked on the search for our first home; it has been a depressing start, but I know the new year will bring more listings!  We hope to find a place that could use a little sledgehammer action...and I love me some power tools, so eventually the main focus will be home DIY renovation.  And if this blog lasts, then one day, God willing, I will share my adventure into mommyhood.  Not yet though - I still need to rip down some walls, install herringbone wood floors, and of course take a wine tour in Italy...I do not think I am supposed to do those things when I am knocked up!

Finally - what if no one reads this...or no one comes back after reading once?  I have spent too long worrying about what other people think.  Most importantly, I have not taken time to write in YEARS.  I used to write all the time; my family drove nearly an hour from Snellville Georgia to Marietta for church on Sundays, and I either read a book, wrote novellas/poems/screen plays in a composition notebook, or sketched in my artist notebook the whole way.  Now, I never sketch, I never write, and I barely read.  (No wonder I feel my IQ has dropped.)  Here's to writing and reading more in the new year...I think I will skip the sketching; I have graduated to Photoshop for my playtime.

Raise a glass of Tempranillo, and meet me back here Saturday as I prep for a good southern New Years Day dinner...skillet cornbread, spicy black eyed peas and peach cobbler are absolutely on this menu.  The meat is still TBD, and I just cannot do mustard greens.

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  1. Yeah! Count me in as a new all your posts so far and love the way you write. Keep em comin and looking forward to it all!